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Construction Management

Florida Lemark Corporation recently completed the new construction of a 365,000 square foot pool for the University of Miami. The project which was designed by Kimley Horn was completed right next to the ocean. The Myrtha Pool solution (50’ x 75’) consists of using a stainless steel wall over a concrete structure with 117 piles on the swimming pool, 6 piles on the surge tank and 17 for  the future diving tower.

The pool walls have a permanently laminated hard PVC membrane bonded to the steel panel to ensure longevity and perfect waterproofing. This special grade PVC is resistant to UV and the aggressive pool water. 

The project has an exterior site improvements with additional parking, lighting and landscaping.



Cost: +$5.1 Million
Completion: August 2019
Architect:  Kimley Horn

Owner: University of Miami


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